• Tiffany

Oast sooo Good...

Wet our whistles at Oast House earlier this week!!

One of my favourite spots to visit locally...from the welcoming 100 year old barn to the friendly female staff inside peeling chestnuts for the Fall Brew I never have a bad thing to say about this place.

Well maybe that it is not down the road from me....

Have you ever tried a Verjus?! Have you ever tried it in a beer?!

Probably not as Oast is the only place around with Niagara Verjus Sour...

It was a different taste almost champagne like both bubbly & sour! I can see having a glass or 4 with Brunch haha

They also have a Ping Pong Table if you fancy a round while drinking your beer and the souvenirs are great! The Touque is my fav!

These guys are always offering new beers seasonally and monthly, it's a real treat to stop in and see what's On Tap or what you just missed and have to wait till next year to taste!!

Thanks again Oast for an awesome visit.... We will return!

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