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Who's Winking at Me?

I travelled down the rainy road tonight to Hamilton, Ontario. There is a great area called Augusta St that has a few pubs al in a row... What gives it the character is they are all older brick houses converted into pubs.

From tasty Burgers at the ship to the awesome Craft Selection at the Winking Judge I am Happy.

I chose to go into the Winking Judge tonight as I was eager to try a beer from a new brewery out of Brantfors that has yet to open to the public. Mash Paddle Brewing Co.

but they were out until tomorrow...

So I elbowed my way in betweeen the regulars at the bar and ordered a Flying Monkeys Smashbomb Atomic IPA.

All the "old fellas" assured me it would be too hoppy blah blah... I confidently responded it was not my first rodeo and enjoy this beer.

Society can be funny...

So I sit in a dark corner of this pub with the computer screen lighting up my face and giving me the ability to read a bot of the All About Beer Magazine I brought.

It's a rainy night ... perfect night for some beer, research and a blog.

PS Oh ya if your curious about the Smash Bomb IPA it has some pine and citrus flavours come through and the bit of bitterness I taste right away doesn't linger long. I enjoy it :) (Warning: I don't really know how to describe beer but I know how to enjoy it and what I like... so try for yourself!)

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