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Beer & Music & Art, Oh My...

I had the Awesome chance to catch both the Open House of The collaborative Arts & Science Brewery and tickets to the Concert that went on inside at night last weekend.

Collective Arts Brewery is doing an Awesome Job at fusing the craft of brewing with various artists, musicians, photographers & filmmakers. It really is, in my mind, a beautiful thing... who doesn't love to pair beer with awesome tunes and see Beer as an art in itself.

I was 100% convinced they had acheived success when I took a moment to look around the room in the evening as the concert began. Where else can you see the biggest smile on your good friends face as he actually has a chance to chat with a band member from Zeus (his current fav band) and then as you continue to scan the room while sipping a fresh tasty IPA Ransack the Universe (thanks to Jack the Brewer for the intro to that beauty!) you notice Max, signer from Local Band Arkells (long time fav!) listening in the crowd and next to the shiny tanks of beer is the talented Terra Lightfoot sipping & chatting with friends....

As goosebumps ran up my arms I looked to my husband and said;

"They have created something special here...

to me this is truly what beer is about."

I smiled and continued...

"They must be proud and this is only the beginning of something Big."

The Open House was to celebrte the opening of the collaborative "Arts & Science Brewery" that will brew both Collective Arts Brewing and Nickel Brook Brewing beers and is equally owned by the two companies. Name is derived from the “ARTS” in Collective Arts and the “SCIENCE” from Nickel Brook Brewing’s mantra “A Miracle of Science,” the name comes together perfectly as both art and science are critical in brewing outstanding, quality craft beer.

Besides the whole day & evening feeling like a dream .. a dream come true that is, I felt proud that beer has finally gotten to this point around where we live. Hamilton is a great place for this to happen.

I really didn't know what to expect and as I entered the warehouse for the first time, feeling like I was 19 again sneaking into a secret concert at some random warehouse with an overly tight wristband stating I was of age, I was greeted with smiles, kind & friendly workers, a buzz of excitement filled the crowed as I grabbed an empty Souvenir glass filled with nothing but tokens.

The Brewery occupies 40,000 square feet of the building and the remaining 10,000 square feet is kept open for events, live music and art.

The stage is set up in front of a perfect back drop of big shiny tanks that I seem to drool over everytime I set my eyes on them no matter what brewery I am at.

I grabbed a Stache Straight Up Ale to start and worked my way through the smiling crowd and followed a path down the cement floor of the brewery passed all the sampling tables and worked my way to the back of the brewery.

Like a Kid in a Candy Store I was....

It was around 12:30pm when I arrived and the crowd was already what I would call a successful turnout.

I was there by myself in the day, which I don't mind and after all I was "working" on my Travelling Pint Brand ;)

So I am the type of Beer Drinker that will not be able to give you a detailed description of flavours or bore you with a bunch of hoity toity beer talk but I know my beers. I know what I like, I know some I don't but can appreciate a glass or two and I can tell the different flavor between beers.

I had the pleasure of chatting with one of the Brewers there named Jack. I said "Hi" and asked him a question right away...

"If you could tell me three things that explain the different taste in Hops what would they be?"

We got sidetracked almost immediatly just talking about what beer I prefered and cool breweries we have seen and recommended to each other to visit then he sent me off to go grab a tast of Ransack the Universe and come back to continue our talk...

So...ya if your somehow reading this Jack you can message me the answer to the question ;)

I guess my point is this Brewer did his job... introduced me to a new beer I LOVE, was friendly and NOT pretentious, recommended some places to visit on my travels and seemed genuinely interested in my rambling stories of Travels & Beer.

Though I can't remember if he had a beard... Bernie & I always comment that every Brew Master we have met on our Travels seems to have an epic beard...the other BrewMaster Ryan did.

I bought a shirt, I bought a Tin Sign to add to the "Man Cave", I sampled some awesome New Beers and with excitement I headed home to gush about my Sweet Day to Bernie and twist his rubber arm into returning that evening for a night of Music with our friends.

The night was just as much of a success. You could still cruise around the Brewery sampling, chatting and gazing at the equipment with slight envy towards those that got to touch it. Bernie was just as thrilled by the whole scene and my inspiration grew for this simple Blog to grow into something more...

Loved watching the bands Zeus & Hollerado in such an itimate setting and the fact they were cruising around in the crowd to happily chat after was awesome.

Thanks to all of you at Collective Arts & NickleBrook for putting on an AMAZING Event...

I Smiled

I Drank

I Learned

I Burped

I Socialized

I Spilled

I Sang

I Ate

I Danced

I Laughed

and I look forward to doing it again and working on getting my dads Art Work on some beer!

You Guys Nailed it. Enjoy the pictures, the video and my Story....

Until Next Time,


The Travelling Pint

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