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  • Tiffany

November ... The month of Moustaches & Beer.

Some of you LOVE it, some of you Dread it & some of you Live it year round.... It's Movember!

It seems to have not lost its momemtum and though I see the same charities & people raising money for a good cause I notice something else...

The popularity of Moustaches placed on Craft Beer labels is growing!!

As is the amount of contests being held at local pubs, craft breweries & bars.

I found a pub in Toronto called the O'nly Cafe and on Movember 18th they are holding a moustahce competition where the winning moustache will have a beer brewed in their honour, and their glorious ‘stache will be featured on the brew’s can!

That's a pretty amazing prize if you ask me...

As I girl I don't grow the nicest moustache (thanks to occasional waxing from Beth) but I am all about seeing the pride some people have in their 'stache especially while enjoying a cold pint.

The O'nly cafe has over 230 bottles and cans as well as 25 local craft brews on tap... and 25cents from each Beer purchase goes to the Movember Foundation. The event is sponsored by Sawdust City Brewing from what I can see.

Well, in honour of Beer & Moustaches across the world I present some 'Moustache Beers' I have either tried, found and taken pictures from the internet of.

Happy Movember to all and to all a Good Day!


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