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  • Scribbled by Tiffany

Christmas comes early... Beer in Grocery stores?!!!

For Canadians, more specific Ontarioians, this news comes with Great Excitement!!!

Imagine cruising down the aisle of the Grocery store cart full of potatoes, fruit, meat and veggies.... all the "Food Groups" but one... Beer!

You pause not wanting to make one more stop on the way home or look at your watch and realized The Beer Store is closed then remember..... I can now get Beer here!!

Tough the government isn't revealing the exact locations yet they have 60 chosen locations spread accross Ontario to start selling Beer in by Christmas.

Longos, Metro, Sobeys & Walmart are just some of the chains been chosen to be the guinea pigs for this "Alchohol Moderazation Program".

"Beer in grocery stores could be seen as a holiday present that

many people have been waiting for a long time," said Ontario Premier Wynne.

"That wait is over."

Something else that caught my glance that was said by the premier is....

"Our objective was to keep prices low and

level the playing field,"

So yes there are a few more rules that apply and "The Beer Store" where us Ontario people currently buy our beer are a little concerned about their biz but all in all it's about time!

Prices will remain below the Canadian average while improving convenience and increasing choice for customers. Don't get me wrong.. I still would rather visit my local Craft Brewery to pick up some singles or fill my Growler but this is a nice option. Especially when you live in a town with one Beer Store that closes early more often then not.

More on this can be read here

What does this mean for our Craft Beer? I think Good News as the deal will also lead to more widespread availability of our beloved Craft Beer - 20% of all beer shelving (not just in supermarkets, but also the LCBO and The Beer Store) will now be reserved for independent brewers.

I know 20% doesn't sound high but again its an improvement too what it was a year ago. Some of you believe a true Craft Brewery wouldn't sell in the LCBO etc and I understand your thoughts but I think it is great to have some selling there for exposure. It shows Craft Beer is growing in Canada (finally) and with it being at the fingertips of "regular" beer drinkers they have a chance to purchase one, on a whim, and become a Craft Beer Fan... what a gift!

I will continue to visit all our local Breweries (perhaps to an annoying amount ;) ) but am happy to cruise down the row of craft beer and get a mixed 6pack of 6 breweries in a 2 min stop :)

Well Ontario... Sleep well tonight knowing we have caught up to some of the other provinces in The Beer Game.

Yours in Exciting Beer News,


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