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  • Scribbled by ... Tiffany

10 Beers to Pour Down Your Throat This Winter…

Here are 10 beers that if you haven't tasted, or even if you have, you should pour down your throat sooner than later. Worth the trip to all these breweries to purchase. As always travel responsibly!

Drumroll please! In no specific order...

1. Tankenstein, Mill St Brewery

Think of it as the twisted big brother of their Tankhouse Ale.It has more body, more flavor and more alcohol … I really enjoyed the mix of the Cascade Hop Flavor and Rich malt/ caramel tones. A must try!

2. Betelgeuse Belgian Style Tripel, Mill St Brewery

A fantastic beer and another must try!! It is named after a constellation and monks used to name their “stronger” beers after “troublemaking” characters of lore so this winter classic got named after one of the main stars in the night sky … same as the devilish character BeetleJuice in the movie!

Yes high in alcohol again..oops ;) It’s a medium/full bodied beer that starts out sweet and finishes dry… Bubblegum is the answer your looking for when you try to name the slight mysterious flavor in it!

3. Chocolate Orange Porter, Bell City Brewing Co

Well it is still being made but with the taste test being passed of their other beers I am looking forward to this one… and so should you!

4. Raven’s Heart Stout, Bell City Brewing Co

Do you like cigars then you will love this… wait that doesn’t sound very appealing. Let’s just say I am not a huge “Black Beer” Fan but can truly appreciate the smell & taste of this dark Belgian stout. Get it in you!!

5. Roasted Chestnut Brown Ale, Oast House

One of our favourite places to visit on Niagara On The Lake is Oast House… while there a couple weeks back they were actually peeling the chestnuts there to get ready for their return of the Roasted Chestnut Brown Ale.

Be sure to grab it before its gone… comes out this Friday!

6. DownHill Pale Ale, Collingwood Brewery

Besides growing up spending summers close to here there is something else about Collingwood I love… THE BEER! I wanted to add a tasty Pale Ale to this list and this is a fav. It is a hoppier tasting beer but nothing too intense and let’s just say it pairs perfectly with Apres-Ski… or Apres-Dog Walk… or Apres-anything!

7. Ransack the Universe, Collective Arts

My new favourite beer put out by these guys! Thanks to there one Brewer for the introduction. The Hops shines through on this one but finishes crisp not bitter! This one weighs in at 6.8% but will leave you wanting more and taking over the Universe.

8. Maple Porter, Nickle Brook Brewing

Well if we are known for something besides beer it’s Maple Syrup….This is a full bodied porter using just that… Dark Canadian Maple Syrup. This is a Unique Beer any Hoser should try!!

9. Muskoka Winterweiss, Muskoka Brewery

Think of the wheat characteristics of a Hefeweizen mixed with the malty richness of a Munich Dunkel.. Voila! If I lost you in translation .. its deep brown in colour with clove & banana notes & seasonally brewed. Get Some!!

10. Winter Jack, Muskoka Brewery

This one is only available in there retail store and well worth the trip to get it. Aged over a year in Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey barrels there is a huge Whisky kick added to the big flavours of coffee & chocolate.I’m a whiskey lover & beer lover… I can appreciate this one!

*BONUS TASTER* cause 'tis the season...

Purgatory, Innocente Brewing Company

Again only available in their tasting room or to take in a Growler but well worth the visit to Waterloo as these guys are a pleasure to visit!

It’s a Black Cream Ale with delicious coffee flavor yet no coffee added! It finishes not heavy almost a lemon flavor! Must Have!!

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