• Scribbled By...Tiffany

Day 1- Nickel Brook Wet Hop Pale Ale

December 1st is finally here which means one thing .... Beer Advent Calendar Time!!

My first beer I labelled #1 for a reason...

It was made with wet hops which means you want to drink it ASAP... so I did.

The rest of the month are a mystery. Well yes, I did buy them all but don't remember what I bought and didn't look as I labelled them 1-24.

Nickel Brook is based out of Burlington, ON and man do they have great beers! I remember when they first opened and were at some of the local festivals here in town and a lot of people slagged them & their beer... I think this was almost before there was a bigger Craft Beer Movement in the area.

Well that didn't stop them as they continued to create delicious beer and have grown a lot over the years. It pays to be passionate about what you do and not let people step in the way of your vision.

I was always a fan, I am proud to say.

Anyways they Rock and so does their beer, so much so that we had a couple kegs of theirs at our wedding this past summer, but back to the beer...