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  • Scribbled By...Tiffany

Day 1- Nickel Brook Wet Hop Pale Ale

December 1st is finally here which means one thing .... Beer Advent Calendar Time!!

My first beer I labelled #1 for a reason...

It was made with wet hops which means you want to drink it ASAP... so I did.

The rest of the month are a mystery. Well yes, I did buy them all but don't remember what I bought and didn't look as I labelled them 1-24.

Nickel Brook is based out of Burlington, ON and man do they have great beers! I remember when they first opened and were at some of the local festivals here in town and a lot of people slagged them & their beer... I think this was almost before there was a bigger Craft Beer Movement in the area.

Well that didn't stop them as they continued to create delicious beer and have grown a lot over the years. It pays to be passionate about what you do and not let people step in the way of your vision.

I was always a fan, I am proud to say.

Anyways they Rock and so does their beer, so much so that we had a couple kegs of theirs at our wedding this past summer, but back to the beer...

The Wet Hop Pale Ale is made with all Ontario Ingredients and the Hops came fresh from Big Head Hops in Meaford, ON. The hops were added to this brew the day it was picked as you have to with wet hops and man is the flavour good! A mix of Chinook, Centenial & Cascade are in this fine brew.

Wet & Fresh .. well played.

You can get this at your local LCBO or at Nickel Brook in Burlington as well but don't wait too long as its again by the day ... but will still hit the spot.

Conclusion: Day 1 a Success and can barely wait until tomorrow.

Sweet Beer Dreams,


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