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Day 3- Crazy Beard Ginger Beer

On the 3rd Day of Beer Advent the beer lords brought to me....Crazy Beard Ginger Beer & also hit up The RBG's Fest-of-Ales in Burlington!!

Crazy Beard is out of Oakville, On and seems to be owned by 3 guys without beards...

Never the less this Ginger Spiced Beer may help you grow one.

From what I can find they just have 2 "beers" and Crazy Beard is actually a malt beverage, made from malted barley specifically. There other one is a Wild Apple Ale I have yet to try.

I picked this one up at the LCBO and probably for the fun image on the can but as I don't mind a Ginger Beer here and there it was a nice addition the the Beer Advent. It was a little sweeter and less spicy than I like my Ginger Beer but it went down the hatch!



Comment below your thoughts on Ginger Beers and what ones you have tried!

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