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Day 4- Hurry Hard Amber Lager

Day 4- Hurry Hard Amber Lager by the fire with my Dog... Canadian all the way!!!

From Toronto, ON it is a tasty easy drinking Amber Lager dedicated to the Canadian pastime of Curling.

"Hurry Hard", for those that live outside of Canada, is a curling term shouted by the skip to tell the sweepers to sweep harder and faster.

I will be indulging in more over this Canadian Winter!! It is an easy drinking with mild flavour but was smooth and really hit the spot.

According to the company it's their extended aging that creates this smooth refreshing lager & the amazing colour. So thought the can is pretty sweet to drink out of you may want to pour it to see the col


Founded in 2015 and brewed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada they also brought you Triple Bogey Premium Lager.

It's pretty cool that these guys have even recruited some world champ and Olympic curlers to support them. Some of the the greats Glenn Howard, Brent Laing and the hot and talented Jennifer Jones (that all Canadian men seem to know about ;) ) can all be seen sipping a few Hurry Hards on the ice this Winter.

Check out their Site here as they have some cool stuff going on!!

The next time you yell “Hurry Hard” shout it proud and someone might just bring you a beer!

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