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Day 5- Rye IPA Bell City!!

Day 5 didn't bring 5 Golden Rings but a DELICIOUS IPA from Bell City Brewing Co out of Brantford, ON.

I LOVE these guys, their humour, the great cast of characters working there and most importantly their beer. I believe I have a few scattered in my Advent I can't wait to try....

Back to Day 5 beer, A Cautionary Ale, Rye IPA...

Its a nice deep copper in colour as you can see in my fancy slow-mo pour vid I

created and man this is a great beer!!

It clocks in at 7.5% but don't let the name or % fool you... I find it easy drinking and almost sweet at the start before the hops take over with a slightly bitter finish. It is brewed with a blend of 4 hops and maybe thats why it tastes so freakin good.

This is in my Top 3 so far from my tasting.

I would highly suggest making the trip to Brantford to say "Hey... Give me a Beer!" to these guys, taste the beers and grab a Growler or 4 to go!

We had a quick stop at Bell City Brewing Company a couple weeks back for some tasty tasters on our way to dinner and to grab a couple beers for the Advent Calendat. Big Thanks to Tyler for being a great Host!!! (Though I think I confidently called you Trevor on the way out!)


Tiffany PS. They have a Chocolate Orange Porter being released in a week or so you won't want to miss out on!

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