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Day 7- Rickard's Red IPA

Good Morning!! Rise N Shine with Breakfast and an IPA.... don't worry it is 11 am ;)

Todays Beer has just been released by Rickard's and is their Red IPA. Yes I realize that Rickard's isn't a Local Micro Brewery so I bent the rules a little here as I just had to try it!

Rickard's Red was one of the first beers I drank a lot and a fav when I was younger and not yet introduced to the Craft Beer Scene if you will. Mind you back then there wasn't much around where I live to be introduced to!

So yes when I saw this at the LCBO I had to grab it to throw into the mix.

Drumroll please.... I like it!!

I promise there will be some beers I don't enjoy at some point in this Advent to prove I am not just trying to keep everyone happy ;)

There is nothing overly special about this beer but I find it has your distinct Hop flavour that stays steady throughout the glass and a nice colur to the pour.

Think of it as a better more flavourful Ricard's ;)

Give it a chance and remember there are some big beer peeps still making Great Beer like Goose Island, so if you’re a beer fan enjoy them.

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