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Day 8- Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale, Parallel 49 Brewing

Day 8 is here.... Jackpot!! I bumped this one into the top 3 so far along with Nickel Brook WEt Hop & Bell City Rye IPA.

There was a nice hop presence to this brew and a hint of sour if my taste buds are correct on Day 8. I wish i had another couple to be sure :)

Parallel 49 Brewing is out of Vancouver BC and as I love a good story behind the brewery here is a bit of theirs,,,

3 of Parallel 49’s founders grew up together in East Vanless than 10 minutes from the where the brewery now stands. Mike, Nick, and Anthony had been avid home brewers and craft beer enthusiasts for years before they finally decided to turn their shared passion into a full time gig.


In 2008, the three friends quit their day jobs and opened a restaurant that quickly became known as a mecca for craft beer enthusiasts in Vancouver. As the restaurant business thrived the guys turned their attentions back to the enduring dream of opening their own brewery.


The guys decided that it was time to stop talking and start brewing. They teamed up with Graham With, a respected home brewer; and Michael Tod, a friend with a wealth of sales experience in the BC craft beer industry. The newly assembled Parallel 49 team set out to create the unique brand of Vancouver craft beer that they had been thirsting after for years.

Since I am in Ontario I also picked up the Parallel 49 beers from the LCBO. Sweet Dreams and waking to Day 9!! Cheers,


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