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  • Scribbled by...Tiffany

Day 9- Galaxy Hopper, Session IPA

Another beaut from Bell City Brewing out of Brantford, ON. Kinda hilarious that I have a bunny suit on the same day I pick the Galaxy "Hopper" haha..

I had just had an extremely stronger tasting beer before I cracked my Advent Beer today and I think that messed with my buds a little as the beer tasted a little weird.

So I drank some water, a glass of milk (not really) and does anyone know the best way to "cleanse your palete"?

After a few more sips I found it quite nice. What that means is the bitterness was kept to a minimum and had a nice hop blend to it. I couldn't narrow down what i was tasting and upon checking out their website I thought I would copy & paste their tasting notes cause they were wordy...

"Pouring a slightly hazy straw with white head, our “session” IPA meets the nose witha blast of pine, mango, pineapple and lychee. The first sip opens however with soft and pillow notes of puffed cereal and bread, before the citrus and resin flavors of the hops make themselves known."

-Bell City Brewing Co.

These guys continue to satisfy me... well my taste buds anyways and I am checking in everyday to see when their chocolate orange porter is ready!!!



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