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  • Scribbled by...Tiffany

Day 11- Fish Eye, Kensington Brewing Co.

At the Kensington Brewing Company, in Toronto, ON their motto is Drink Good Beer.

Wll they certainly made a good "Eye PA" with their Baldwin FishEYE PA...

It is stronger (6.5%) and has a large dose of American Hops & British Ale Yeast.

Though one can at a time is good for me I enjoyed slowly sipping this beer.

The Kensington Brewing Co. named this beer after the "hard working fish mongers down on Baldwin Street" For those of you not from the Toronto area Kensington Market is a must see and I love how this Brewery has embodied this Unique Market in the Beer they are creating.

As they said both Kensington Market and the Beer are; "A little wild, very grassroots, and totally unique."

Check out Kensington Brewing Co. cool website here and they are high on my list of Breweries to visit that I havent yet had the chance.

One of my favorite things about the Craft Beer Industry is the stories & passions that go along with the breweries!

Well that's Day 11 .... Cheers,


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