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  • Scribbled by...Tiffany

Day 12- Winterweiss, Muskoka Brewery

This beer is labelled a Dunkelweizen and is deep brown in colour with flavour of clove and definitely banana. This Winterweiss pairs the wheat character of a Hefeweizen with the malty richness of a Munich Dunkel. Hense the name Dunkelweizen...

Personally I have lost my enthusiasm I used to have for hefeweizen beers... I find them filling and the taste not my fav. Sayin that I used to be a huge fan when I started into the Craft and can still appreciate a good one just more on a sampling paddle kinda way.

Regardless this is a seasonal brew by Muskoka and I would slam a can or two over this winter!

Muskoka Brewery has a good line of beer and I remember Mad Tom being one of the first stronger tasting beers I had when I started into more flavourful stuff.



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