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Day 13- Guiness Blonde #nopants

This brew caught my eye at the LCBO and I was curious enought to add it to the Advent. Guiness has a lineage that dates back to the 1770s and this could be risky for them... I like risky.

I found a cool story here that talks about this Guiness Blonde and the thought process, where it is made and more. It has been available in the USA for a couple years now but just recently available in Canada.

I'm not sure if it makes me sad that Guiness has done this or not but this post can side step my feelings and lets talk about the taste...

It is carbonated, smooth and overall an easy drinker. Nothing really special about the flavour but it they want to replace the Blue, Bud & Coors at the pub with it I wouldn't loose sleep.



PS. Gotta love the behinds the scenes shot Bernie took of me with #nopants

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