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  • Scribbled by...Tiffany

Day 14- Sweetgrass Brewing Co.

Day 14 and my "Craft Beer Problems" explained in video ;)

Well I am unsure how to describe the flavour in this beer so I went to the internet box to have a look for any tasting notes or website I could find.

They seem to just have a Facebook page... 2/10 for hard to find info on them or 9/10 for being mysterious haha

Either way I am guessing it was a hint of lemon and perhaps the yeast is what stood out kinda like a sweet dough. Not really my style of beer so not one of my favorites but in the joy of trying new beers you should give it a try and develop your own opinion.

There is something about their image, the variety of pics on their Facebook page and their vibe I dig... I will revisit them..

Got it at LCBO it's a Toronto beer perhaps brewed at Wellington Brewery.

I bought it originally as I like Banjo music and Sweetgrass reminds me of Bluegrass.



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