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  • Day 15- Bell City "Mystery"

Day 15- Bell City "Mystery" & exploding beer.

Day 15 brought a good laugh & "explosive" beer... labeled "Brewers One Off" with a blank space below it I forgot what the deuce I was drinking. I bought a mixer sixer if you will when i was there at the end of November and my memory has failed as to what this one is.

Well I quickly resorted to Facebook and tagged Bell City Brewing Co. in a post asking wtf I was drinking?!! And since they are awesome Kevin replied promptly with the following;

I really enjoyed this one and would describe maybe plain but the opposite of plain...doesn't make sense does it? It was an easy drinking lager, German Style with a great crisp finish and if I had another in the fridge I would have consumed it as well.

Cause these guys like to name their beer after nifty Canadian people and events you can check out the story about this beer on their blog here.

Keep it up Bell City...Keep it up.

Still waiting to taste their Chocolate Orange Porter when released!! I'm hoping they will call me or at least text the morning I can get it ;) 905-979-8433 (yes my real number to be used for beer purposes only)



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