• Written through Jedi Mind Trick by Tiffany

It's Here.... Star Wars!!!!!

As I sit here in my Chewbacca Onesie sipping tea from my Vader mug & listening to the Return Of The Jedi Soundtrack on my stereo I type this post.

I bought 4 tickets a while back for tonight's 7:15pm show. Yes I am bringing my Husband, mom and most importantly my Dad <3

Dad is who is responsible or to blame depending how you look at it for my Star Wars "addiction". I was born in '79 and raised on Star Wars toys not Barbie's.

I remember often getting 2 of the same toy... one to play with (reponsibly not breaking haha) and the other to be put away as a collectors item in package.

My dad is a collector of many things and an artist.

SInce Beer is my runner up obsession I decided to find some random pics on the interweb of Star Wars meets Beer ... I have yet to try these or find any of these beers but that will be my next mission. Never tell me the odds!

May the beer be with you,