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  • Scribbled by..Tiffany

Day 18- Autumn Hop Harvest Ale, Amsterdam Brewery

This beer was sooo Freakin good!! Good job Amsterdam...good job! It was also made with Wet Hops and man am I a fan of this flavour. 5.6% ABV – 60 IBU in this bad boy.

This is in my Top 3 of Beer Advent now and I am definitely making a point to buy a lot of beer next fall when the hops are harvested and certain companies make this style of beer right using the “wet hop” technique, which is when freshly picked hops are added to the whirlpool stage of brewing.

Autumn Hop was made with Cascade Hops picked freshly off the vines of Clear Valley Hops, a Canadian family owned hop farm just outside of Collingwood, Ontario, they then added the “wet hops” to the brew within 4 hours of being picked!!!

I talk a liitle more about wet hops in my blog here as my first beer in Beer Advent was made with this too!



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