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Day 21- Two beers!!!

Day 21 I sampled 2 new beers courtesy of my dad <3

We headed to my parents place for an early holiday dinner and some treats and as always dad had stocked the fridge with some Craft Beers.

I guess Love for Craft runs in the family along with Star Wars, Art & animals (dogs vs cats).

First up was Underdog's by All or Nothing Brewhouse out of Oshawa, ON.

Or I may be mixed up and it could be All or Nothing by Underdog's Brewhouse. Can is different than on the website so feel free to politely correct me in the comments ;)

This is a Hopfenweisse so basically a hybrid of Hefeweizen and west-coast Pale Ale flavours. It's not as heavy as some wheat beers are and maybe it's because it is brewed without added sugars or flavours.

These guys just have the one beer from what I can see on their website here but they look fun and have some interactiveness (if that's a word) on their website and in their 2-4 of beer!

The second I poured down my gullet

over dinner was by Kensington Brewing Company (same as the Fish eye P A on Day 11) and was Augusta Ale. This is classid=fied as an American Pale Ale and was a nice combo of malt & slight citrus hop flavour. The can presented itself as a darker beer but wasn't and in fact was easy drinking. "sessionable" beer if you will.

Apparently they also have an Augusta Ale Extra Hoppy on cask (AAXH)!!

Oh ya... it was a rainy day so I also sewed an Ewok...



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