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Day 23- Beau's Gigantic La Formidable...

On Day 23 of Beer Advent I had a Great beer by Beau's B-side label. It was Gigantic: La Formidable. I had it at the Keg as we went there for a Christmas Lunch Party and a party in my mouth it was!!!

Then went and chilled at Bell City Brewing Company in their lounge with a flight o beer!!

The label is bad ass and so is the beer. La Formidable (Gigantic Brewing) is described on the site as is an "American-Belgo IPA, a relatively new hybrid beer

style that crosses bold, citrusy American-style hop aromas with the signature fruity, spicy and earthy elements of Belgian yeast." It's 6.9% and has a variety of HOPS in this beer (Cascade, Rakau, Nelson Sauvin, Pacific Gem, Perle (all organic))

As we know Beau's is Canadian but Gigantic is from Portland.

Gigantic is the second artist to sign onto Beau's B-Side Brewing Label, and part of a portfolio of international brands of excellence being produced fresh and locally for the Ontario market. Gigantic Brewing Company is an independent, artisanal brewery located in the Southeast quadrant of the Peoples Republic of Portland. Brewer/Owners Ben Love and Van Havig are veterans of the Oregon brewing community, and have developed this new recipe exclusively for the B-Side Brewing Label and to be brewed at Beau's in Vankleek Hill.

Kinda of a cool project Beau's is doing I was not aware of. Below is a cool video that talks about the project with Gigantic Brewing.

Since we were in Brantford for lunch and around the corner from Bell City Brewing we decided to stop by there to enjoy a beer flight in their new Lounge area. They were lovely as always and their beer is Super Good!



Bell CIty Brewery & Lounge

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