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  • Scribbled by... Tiffany

Day 24- Rogue, Siracha HOT Stout

We made it to Day 24... wow time flies when your drunk.. I mean having fun ;)

We have had this beer for a few months and kinda were scared to try it until I started to see some decent reviews on it. So perfect for today in a bright red bottle!

As most beers you need a few sips to get the full flavour and I am not a huge stout fan but this was fun... can I say fun?

It was almost a hot sauce taste over spice at first but then the spiciness would linger on your tongue and back of throat leaving you wanting more. Not an overly thick stout so I was happy with that.

These guys make some strange brews that are always a blast to have in your fridge and share with friends.

Have a great Christmas Eve day and can you even believe its 10 Celsius and no snow in Jerseyville, ON Canada?!!!



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