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  • Scribbled by..Tiffany

Day 25- Unibroue Grande Reserve 17

We made it... Merry Christmas and Happy Day 25 of Beer Advent. Thanks to all of you that followed me on this adventure and to those that joined in!

I saved a special bottle for Christmas Day though I am not sure a 10% bottle of beer was the best option for Christmas breakfast ;)

Unibroue brews this beer once a year. It was a strong beer but with a mix of spicy, sweet & hop flavour all at once. For 10% I was pleased by the lack of alcohol taste that some stronger beers have.

Scott, a beer smart guy that works at the Ancaster LCBO, suggested I add this to my Beer Advent. He told an interesting story that he buys a few of these every year and ages a few and drinks one. I believe it was last year he said he opened 3 of them; one from 2012, 2013 and the current 2014 and did tasting. The taste had varied a lot after aging a couple of the beers but said they were all "Equally Delicious!"

This was a full flavoured beer than I drink on a regular basis but the more I sipped away at this glass the more I enjoyed it and felt like I am actually really starting to learn the distinct flavours in beer (though maybe not the words to go with it yet) and have even more of an appreciation for the long lasting head on a beer like this one and the importance of glass wear.

Spicy as in spices not hot chilies and a vanilla undertone, I think that makes sense... oh ya and intense malt. (Nailed it!)

Check out the vid as I nearly take my eye out with the cork and feel free to comment below with some awesome beers you discovered over advent!!



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