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Sociable Kitchen & Tavern Review

Well the wait was well worth it but I wouldn't wait any longer yourself...

It was a busy Saturday afternoon in Sociable Kitchen & Tavern when I decided to finally stop by and check this joint out!

The parking lot was packed and as I made my way inside and so was the restaurant!

I chose to sit at the bar as I generally like to do. Something about pulling up a chair at the bar that seems to be the way to experience any pub, restaurant etc.. Maybe it was the front row view of the shiny 20+ beer taps they have or the fact you get to chat a little more to the staff to get a feel for how friendly they really are... whatever the reason I choose to sit at the bar.

The server at the bar was welcoming & friendly and knowledgeable on beer which is awesome for those who are new to "Craft Beer Drinking" as she can ease you into it nice & slow and not scare you away with a strong tasting IPA.

On that note I ordered a Strong Tasting IPA, Great Lakes Lake Effect IPA, because I LOVE IPA's :)

They have a few options on beer flights, or "boxes" as they call them. Also have 13 Static Taps (that remain the same) and 7 rotating taps of Local Craft seem to be actively rotating as they changed one over as we were enjoying our meal... of beer.

I like that their rotating Taps are categorized by styles so your not stuck with all one style to choose from. The selections are proudly displayed on a massive Chalkboard on the opposite wall of where I sit at the bar. You can also find on this page of their website what beer are currently "On Tap" and what beers are "On Deck".... I LOVE this feature.

The Food...

I got a Steak & Brie Sandwich and was very pleased with what I received. The fries were fresh cut but thinner than thick <3 and the steak on my sandwich came cooked to perfection just as I asked!! How do I like my steak you ask, for future reference when you invite me over.... Medium-rare more rare than medium. I tend to order it this way with a fear that they commonly over cook steak..yuck. Well mine came out perfectly to the description and was the best Steak Sandwich I have had in awhile :)

Bernie got the nachos and they arrived a decent size and were tasty as well. Toppings were ​​simple and the chips were seasoned a little which made them yummy and were not stale...Winner / Gagnon!! Though if you like sour cream (as I tend to, probably too much) you may want to ask for some cause ours came with 2 salsas. Mind you it was fresh salsa not the kind they slop out of the jar... still winning! Also they use fresh jalapenos which is fine but as a preference I like the pickled ones as they have a little more flavour.

But wait.... There is a reason for the fresh jalapenos one that I can respect....

I love that they have house-made beer-inspired condiments including:

Malted Ketchup (delicious!!), Wheat Beer Mustard (can't wait to try) and Cascade Hop Zucchini Relish (mmmm hops!). I've fallen in LOVE with Ketchup all over again....

From what I hear they also make some bad ass cocktails ... so next time, if I can tear myself away from the beer, I will try a Caesar!

Back to the beer…mmm beer.

With our bellies full we continued to sip another pint, sit back and enjoyed the new watering hole we found ourselves at. They were happy to give you samples before you decided and all pints are 14oz. so smaller than some places but appropriate size for tasing a couple and some beers I do enjoy a smaller glass of. The prices for our choice of pints were $5.25 - $6 so a decent price for sure!

Ok so those of you that are obsessed with properly labeled pint glasses for your beer (umm me) they have done something clever. Because they have constantly rotating taps of a lot of different breweries, it would probably take a massive storage locker to house all the properly logo'd glasses, they have gone to using their "Sociable" branded glasses for every pint. They do however place a proper coaster that matches the beer you are drinking underneath your glass so you remember what you are guzzling. That I can handle and love the fact they can't "accidentally" serve me a delicious Craft Beer in a Bud glass... barf.

They have a photo booth that’s always fun to document your night and bring out your inner child (that's a story for another day) and there are a few TV’s above the bar to catch some sports.

The toilets were clean, warm and several stalls long (that's for the ladies ;) ) and the bar top was also clean and not sticky. I tend to be a germaphobe in some situations and have seen too many gross staff habits when out in the past... haha they passed here!!

Well Sociable you’ve done well and I will be back to continue to work myself through your menu, beer and enjoy the atmosphere!

Don't forget to check out their website here as it is unique & fun to look around. Alos stay in touch with them via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or here in the future on my blog

Cheers! Slainte! Salud! Kompai! ... What do you say when you raise a glass with friends?

In Nova Scotia, the say “Sociable!” –which the dictionary defines as “engaging readily with other people.” Yep – that seems to define all the East Coasters I’ve met quite well…they’re friendly people.

So next time you raise a glass say “Sociable” or better yet…Go There!!

Your in Craft Beer,


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