• Scribbled by...Tiffany

Sociable Kitchen & Tavern Review

Well the wait was well worth it but I wouldn't wait any longer yourself...

It was a busy Saturday afternoon in Sociable Kitchen & Tavern when I decided to finally stop by and check this joint out!

The parking lot was packed and as I made my way inside and so was the restaurant!

I chose to sit at the bar as I generally like to do. Something about pulling up a chair at the bar that seems to be the way to experience any pub, restaurant etc.. Maybe it was the front row view of the shiny 20+ beer taps they have or the fact you get to chat a little more to the staff to get a feel for how friendly they really are... whatever the reason I choose to sit at the bar.

The server at the bar was welcoming & friendly and knowledgeable on beer which is awesome for those who are new to "Craft Beer Drinking" as she can ease you into it nice & slow and not scare you away with a strong tasting IPA.

On that note I ordered a Strong Tasting IPA, Great Lakes Lake Effect IPA, because I LOVE IPA's :)

They have a few options on beer flights, or "boxes" as they call them. Also have 13 Static Taps (that remain the same) and 7 rotating taps of Local Craft seem to be actively rotating as they changed one over as we were enjoying our meal... of beer.

I like that their rotating Taps are categorized by styles so your not stuck with all one style to choose from. The selections are proudly displayed on a massive Chalkboard on the opposite wall of where I sit at the bar. You can also find on this page of their website what beer are currently "On Tap" and what beers are "On Deck".... I LOVE this feature.

The Food...