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Tasting at Nickel Brook Brewing, Kentucky Bastard alright...

Stopped by Nickel Brook Brewing this nice sunny & snowy day to taste a couple beers and buy a few to stock up the Ol' Beer Fridge.

I had not been by there in a little bit and was quickly reminded just how many beers these guys have...and lots I still hadn't tried!!

We pulled up to the counter and where greeted with a friendly smile as always and asked to sample a few... it was 11:45 am mind you so that morning coffee & yogurt had worn off ;)

I sampled 4 ... regretted two haha video will explain why!!!

First was the Autumnus Hopfenweisse which clocks in at 5.7% and was quite enjoyable. They describe it as a saison but with Weisse Yeast instead of Belgian Yeast... I describe it as not as heavy as a Hefeweizen can be but more crisp with still the flavour.

Next was the Half Bastard Stout...

I was so thrilled with this one!! I am not a huge Stout fan or drinker but can definitely appreciate one, well this was perfect as it was almost lighter in texture and feel and drier than your average Stout! Just perfect for those of us that can appreciate a Stout but have trouble drinking a whole one... I bought a few bottles!

Maybe this is the start to something special... Stout.

Than this happened... Beware of the "Bigger Brother".

Kentucky Bastard Imperial Stout ... wtf! Definitely interesting, definitely Bourbon involved and definitely a sharing type beer. I can't really write in words here what I describe in the video so please watch it. Let's just say I shouldn't of smelled it at 11:45am and I didn't finish it ... perhaps my first Beer Crime EVER!!! We followed it up by a "pilot beer" that was basically the Kentucky Bastard aged a little longer with Tasty Mexican (sorry if I got the wrong country) Coffee beans...

Well I guess it was a slight improvement as the taste that linger was more coffee than Bourbon.

Yes like the coffee I had just finished an hour ago as it was still before noon!

What an adventure and that continued with me as I burped Bourbon for the next few hours and may have threw up a little in my mouth.

All jokes aside you really need to try The Kentucky Bastard... so I hope you do!

Well Nickel Brook I just Love you guys & the beer you create. Since day one when you had a few beers to choose from at Sound of Music and people where unsure about this Craft Beer thing you were trying to bring to town I was A Supporter & Fan.

I stood behind your Headstock since Day 1 and man I can't wait to continue to drink what you make!!

I sit here typing this drinking A Naughty Neighbour and wish you all Sweet Dreams!


© 2015 Tiffany Hayes The Founder of Travelling Pint

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