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What's Happening in the Craft Beer world this week!

Because sometimes you need a little help to liven up the week I have happily brought you some suggestions on how to do this in true Craft Beer Style.

This week in Craft Beer..

Monday: Why not cruise by The Ship in Hamilton, ON and try one of their 13 Craft beers on Tap!! List was updated Saturday but that doesn’t mean these will last that’s why you should head there today and start your week of right!!

See full list here: http://www.theship.ca/craft-beer/

I have my eyes on trying; Great Lakes Long Dong Pilsner, Baysides Honey Cream Ale & Revel Midnight Circus Cider (Absinthe botanicals!!?) I am not a huge Cider drinker but Absinthe?!! May have to try it …

Tuesday: Sociable in Brantford is a great new spot to have awesome food and even better beer!!! Again they have a lot of rotational lines so hurry before you miss out… what’s currently on tap can be found here as well as what is “on deck”

On my list to try are: King Street Saison byBlock Three Brewing Company & Mashpaddle Unnamed Pale Ale

Wednesday: The Travelling Pint is stopping into Collective Arts Brewing for a look around and most likely a Growler fill or 2! The Collective Arts craft beer store and tasting room is located at 207 Burlington Street East. These guys are doing great things a long with Nickel Brook in their new home downtown Hamilton. Collective arts combine music & beer and is the inspiration for my upcoming podcast. Keep your eyes out for the Blog post & video that will follow this visit!