• Scribbled by Tiffany

Collective Arts Brewing...A Bright Future Ahead.

What does Music, Art & Craft Beer have in common? They all involve passion....

Well passion was certainly not a missing ingredient on my Tour around Collective Arts & Science Brewery yesterday and the proof is in the pudding... I mean BEER!

As stated on their website because I couldn't explain it better myself:

"Collective Arts Brewing is a grassroots craft brewer based in

Ontario that aims to fuse the creativity of craft beer with the

inspired talents of emerging artists, musicians and filmmakers.

Matt Johnston and Bob Russell founded Collective Arts Brewing

on two beliefs: The first that creativity fosters creativity. And

the second, that creativity yields delicious pints."

Well they have hit a bullseye as far as their aim goes & something beautiful has been created here and I have a feeling this is just the beginning!

Dan, the dude helping with all the awesomeness that's happening around Collective Arts and in charge of getting the Brand out there, met us in the retail shop and kindly offered some samples before we started the tour. Oh how Dan knows the way to a Beer Loving Woman's heart...

Dan has a great background in Craft Beer and spent some time in Australia working at Forester's Hall. This place has 50 Craft Beer Taps and a 4am liquor licence... I am sure he "worked" a lot. Though there is a photo on the home page of him with a pen behind his ear so he must have taken notes at some point...