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  • Tiffany

That's a Spicy Meatball.. I mean Beer!

Well Bell City Brewing.. you've done it again!

Bell City Brewing Company celebrated both the release of a new Beer and the sell out of a new beer over the weekend. These guys are rockin it!!

I remember the first "chili style" beer I had was a couple years ago in Corning, NY. It was a darker perhaps porter style (which a lot of spicy beers seem to be) and it packed a punch. I have been anxious to try another and LOVE that Bell City created a lager style version.

Hielo de Fuego translates to "Ice Cube of Fire" It's a tribute to one of mankind's Greatest Inventions... the ability to harness the power of fire!

It's a lager that pours a beauty copper colour and with a slight malt as you sip it takes no time for the fire to hit! A beautiful spice lingers till the next sip and is interesting enough to keep you going back for more.

Don't be sad if you missed it as their Hielo de Fuego Habanero Pepper Beer because you can get it on Tap still at Sociable Kitchen + Tavern in Brantford.... but I would hurry!

Stay tuned in to find out when they release their next beer... Irish Red!

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