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Have you met these "{REAL} LADIES DRINK {REAL} BEER"?

For Ladies eyes only ...

well maybe dudes too as they seem to like Beer Drinking Ladies.

In very overdue fashion I came across an Awesome Group of Beer Drinking ladies on the internet box the other week and I am ever glad I did!

I tell ya Instagram has been the best tool for me & meeting some Amazing People. Besides bringing the world together through pictures it has connected me to Craft Beer Lovers, Bloggers and Ladies!!

I do have some great girlfriends in my life that love a good beer but seemed to spend the majority of my 20's & 30's guzzling beer with mainly guy friends it is time to change that and meet some more beer loving ladies...

Yes, Ladies drink beer and as the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies state: {REAL} LADIES DRINK {REAL} BEER™!

After all some of the first Brewers in the world were women!

The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies is made up of five craft beer-loving organizers (Erica Campbell, Magenta Suzanne, Jen Reinhardt, Jaime Dobbs and Ren Navarro) and over the last 2 years they have continued to grow a popular, ladies-only, monthly Craft Beer Event in Toronto.

I had the pleasure to meet Erica last week as she came by The Travelling Pint booth at Brewfest and we chatted about beer and big things coming to SOBDL.

Ya I was kinda starstruck ;) but so refreshing to see how friendly and genuine she was as we had a chat and she shared some names of more ladies in the Craft Beer community I should be aware of.

Their continued success has lead them to releasing the first All Ladies Craft Beer Festival, on April 1 2016, at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto!

AMAZING…. I’ll drink to that!

I also believe this to have Sold Out within a couple days. If this is the case be sure to keep your eyes on their Facebook here as people may sell their tickets there if they can suddenly & heart breakingly not make the event.

Check out more about these Awesome Ladies on their website: The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies .

Please share with all the Beer Drinking Ladies in your life as we need Beer Friends too and who doesn't want to be a part of an awesome community of Beer Drinking Ladies that are making a change in the world!




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