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Great Lakes Brewery ... Great indeed!

Another sweet visit to Great Lakes Brewery just outside of Toronto, ON. THey always seem to impress me and mainly because when I visit there are constantly new beers to try!!

Oh and my taste buds are always impressed too.

In the spirit of Easter I called it a Successful "Easter egg" hunt indeed! (By Easter eggs I mean cans of beer)

Check out the Video to see what you get when you cross a Rocket Ship, a Apocalypse and a Canuck Lumberjack....

Great Lakes Brewery is located at 30 Queen Elizabeth Blvd in Etobicoke, Ontario (outskirts of Toronto)

Did you know that Great Lakes recently celebrated 29 years in the craft beer business, making them one of the oldest craft breweries in Ontario? They have come great strides and the beer proves it!

The staff is always super friendly to see and chat with and I know it was a Saturday but this place was hopping!! Constant flow of traffic filling up the 6-pack boxes and quite a few taking the time to enjoy a glass of fresh beer while soaking in the sunshine through the window.

Their website is always updated with their Beer Releases, Events & What's in The Fridge at the Retail Shop so check it out here

The Swamp Juice they are only pouring on tap so be sure to grab a pint or even better a Growler full as it was a Great treat! It is a mix of 3 of their beers the video above tells you which ones!

Swamp Juice is one of their Tank Ten Series Beers. What is Tank Ten you ask?

They are Limited Beer Releases and Tank Ten in the Brewery is reserved for the brewers to create whatever they like in it... and have they ever created some masterpieces!!

I've said it before and I will say it again ... Get to Great Lakes Brewery. Some of their selections are available in the LCBO but the experience is only available at the Brewery. They really specialize in making flavourful beers that dance with your taste buds and the colourful art work looks sweet in the beer fridge!

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