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  • Scribbled by Tiffany

Shawn & Ed Brewing in Dundas, ON

Shawn & Ed Brewing Company, located in Dundas, On, is Now Open 7 Days a week for you to visit and drink some fresh beer.

Though I missed the Grand Opening on the weekend due to my previous commitment to Beer School they passed on that it was a great success and a lot of traffic came through.

First off it's a beautiful building... when I entered my eyes where drawn upward to the tall wooded ceilings and I took a moment to appreciate the work done, whenever in History that was.

There is some cool history to the building including an ice rink & curling area... so canadian I love it.

We had a nice visit there and got to chat with Rob, the experienced brewer, at the brewery. I say experienced as he has been brewing since the late 70's and from large corporations (maybe small at that time) to Craft Beer places too. We enjoyed a nice chat with him and he explained his love for Beer.

He wants to taste Beer when he drinks it and that is reflected in their current beer selection for sure.

Though the beers we sampled were of a mild flavour (all lagers) and not overly flavourful they were enjoyable... crushable if you will. It was a refreshing change to have a few beers to choose from you can sit back have a few in a row and taste exactly that...Beer.

They're currently waiting to get their canning & bottling lines in so are selling Growlers & the always adorable Squealers at the moment. Great design on the labels & Growlers Chawana ;) They also have some t-shirts to represent as well for purchase.

Their slogan is "For Adventurous Mouths" which I found a bit of disconnect to the current Beer on tap ... for now. (Rob proudly has a long list of recipes waiting to be created in this old ice rink building nestled in Dundas.) I tend to love my citrus, pine & nice aroma to my beer but was again happy to drink the flight and had a good quality lager.

Beautiful Building, Passionate Brewer and Good Beer. Be sure to make a trip to Dundas as it a great spot!

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