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  • Scribbled by Tiffany

Travelling Pint goes to Beer School

I spent the weekend at Oast House In Niagara on the Lake with a group of Beer Lovers taking my Level 1 Beer Enthusiast Course by Prud'homme Beer Certification.

Yes, that's right... Beer School. Oh how the times have changed and in such a positive, cool, interesting way!!

At the age of 36 I returned to the class room and man was it the best class room I have entered. I left a little less thirsty (for now), a little smarter and a hell of a lot more excited about beer and the possibilities. I also have a new appreciation for History... Beer History of course!

I look forward to sharing a bit more knowledge with you guys and also to continue on with the Prud'homme School and take Level 2.

Thanks to Nick for being a great instructor & to Oast House for being great hosts on the weekend.

Here's to your knowledge,


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