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Pittsburgh ... Craft Beer Heaven!

There are two things we look for when heading out on a Road Trip Adventure and that is hiking trails & Good Craft Beer!

Since the Craft Beer industry is booming across Canada & the USA this gives us endless opportunities to travel & explore...

We had an awesome trip to Pittsburgh last fall and were stoked to discover that this Steel Town has been overtaken with microbreweries, brewpubs and great spots for tasty food.

We made the drive from Canada with our 2 dogs and had plans to check out a few breweries, eat some food and catch a Pirates game at PNC Park.... but had no idea how much I was going to enjoy this trip to Pittsburgh, PA.

The town was scattered with walking & hiking trails that pleased our K9 companions and the Craft Beer scene was able to please us.

We sampled our way through the beers, walked our way over bridges and ate our way through perogies, pizzas & spicy food.

Then I discovered both the most beautiful brewery I had seen to date & my kind of Church.

There is a new thing to worship in this old church and it is Beer! Church Brew Works is located at 3525 Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh, set in the confines of a restored Roman Catholic church but they are now praying to the hops!

It is stunning on the eyes and tasty on the mouths. There is beautifully lit brewing equipment at the altar and the stained glass windows and pews made into seating really makes it special.

We sat almost speechless and enjoyed their beer, loved the Thunderhop IPA, and enjoyed a plate of buffalo chicken perogies (they are known for their rotating perogies platters).

They have beer selection to satisfy any style of Craft Beer Lover including Tripels, Cask Ales & Dunkels.

I have always put Craft Beer on a altar and these guys do too...literally.

Pittsburgh is on the top of our list to return to as there are way more Craft Breweries there to Discover, Drink at & recommend to you.

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