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Must see breweries when heading to Whistler, BC

Whistler BC has always been known for their epic mountains, outdoor activities and big booming nightlife, but now they're also known for something else.

Though skiing, hiking and outdoor activities are still on top of the list of visitors who are heading to Whistler BC there is now another reason to visit and stay a little longer...

…Fresh, Cold, Delicious Craft Beer!

It may seem like Canada is a few years behind the Craft Beer boom of the United States but over the last couple years they have been picking up pace...and a fast pace indeed.

Vancouver's Craft Beer Industry is at a peak and speaking of peaks Whistler BC is always on trend. Fresh beer can now be found in the bars & pubs scattered throughout the village. The exciting part to us Beer Nerds is that there are now several breweries and even a Beer Festival set in the beauty of the West Coast Mountains.

As you take the windy trip up the 99 Sea to Sky highway from Vancouver don't overlook the town of Squamish BC on your way as they are home to Howe Sound Brewing and some stunning views as well.

Now let's continue North...

The Brewhouse is a well known Brew Pub nestled in the heart of the Whistler Village and with a cozy two-sided fireplace and lots of TVs it’s a perfect place to relax, grab a beer, some food watch the game after a day of adventure or shopping.

First established in 1989, the Whistler Brewing Company may have been before the big Craft movement but they have been steady and stayed open quenching the thirst of ski bums & tourists for over two decades. They have Lager, Honey Lager, IPA and their award winning BROWN ALE, Black Tusk Ale. You could pick up a mixer pack at the Cold Beer & Wine while in town.

Recently Whistler has been graced with another Brewery, Coast Mountain Brewing, looking to open its doors early July 2016.

As far as I am concerned the more beer in a town the better!

Local Beer Nerd, Kevin Winter, has relocated back to this rad Mountain Town after a short absence where, you guessed it; he was learning to master the art of beer.

Kevin’s Sea to Sky homecoming came with the reality of opening his own microbrewery in Function Junction along side his wife Angie.

As you approach the outskirts of this resort town make sure your first stop is in Function at Coast Mountain Brewing, you will get a warm welcome and a cold pint to start your trip off right at . This small community brewery will have a tasting room and be brewing on an overall smaller scale than most, allowing them the freedom to bring in new recipes all the time keeping their line-up fresh and interesting just like the town.

I had the enjoyable opportunity to ask Kevin a few questions and the answers really made me smile. Craft Beer builds community, which is one of the reasons for my love of the Craft Beer Industry.

Q- “Hey Kevin…Why beer?”

A-"I completed the first few levels of the Sommelier Program and love my wine, but even more, I love my beer. When I began schooling in Chicago at the Siebel Institute it became very clear to me I was never going back. There is so much to learn and love about beer. I'll be a student the rest of my career!"

Q- “Share with us a memory of either an amazing beer you've had or the best scenery you've had a beer in to date.”

A- “Rodenbach Grand Cru - A Flanders Red Ale. Game changer early on for me- allowed me to see the vast flavours available in beer.”

Q- "What style of beer are you currently enjoying the most?”

A- “Like most my palette changes with the season, so a lighter Ale like a Kolsch or a nice crisp German Pilsner favourites right now. I'm always partial to a beautiful Saison.”

Q- “What’s else do you want to share with the readers about your journey?”

I can see the ear-to-ear smile I remember Kevin by as he answers this last question

A- “We love what we do and can't wait to share our passion with family and friends. We love the West Coast and surrounding area. We get outside as much as we can, kayaking, hiking and biking around showing our son Oscar the beauty of the great outdoors! We are very excited to open our neighbourhood brewery in a place we feel lucky to call home.”

I wish both Kevin & Angie the best of luck on this journey and thank them for their genuine love for both Beer & Community as they bring something special to this town in the mountains they are proud to call home.

This Canadian Province sums it up with the saying on their license plates “Beautiful British Columbia”. From the mountain peaks to the ocean floor and all the breweries in between both Vancouver & Whistler should be bumped to the top of your list, as they will both quench your thirst, appetite and sense of adventure. Yours in Beer Travel,


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