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Craft Beer Spots in Waterbury, VT

Have you ever made the decision that you just didn't have time to stop somewhere then decided to follow your gut and make the time?

Well that is what happened this day and I am so glad we took the extra time to drive back through Waterbury, VT to stop at the Prohibition Pig & Craft Beer Cellar that rainy June day...

With some ice creams just being finished off from our quick stop at Ben & Jerry's we found a parking spot on the street and dashed across in the rain to enter the door of Pro Pig (as they cool kids call it). There was a line of 15 deep and it was happening in there, people eating, drinking and escaping the rain to share a story or two.

As I asked the hostess if it was possible to grab two quick beers because we were hitting the road again soon she explained that the Brewery was actually behind the restaurant and it was nice & quiet in there...


We strolled in there and indeed it was a quieter scene with just as much beer! We sat a the bar as usual struck up some conversation, had a couple pints and said Cheers! to our decision to stop there that day.

As we left the Pro Pig Brewery conveniently across the street was Craft Beer Cellar.

What is The Craft Beer Cellar you ask ... "Heaven, especially for Canadians."

Once I wrestled my way in the door we were greeted with wall to wall & floor to ceiling (almost) racks of beer from across the USA. We had a quick chat with one of the owners, Mark , who we had previously heard speak at the Betty's Beerfest a few days earlier and he was yet another example of passion in the industry.

Not only did they have many, many, many bottles there you could also fill growlers from various breweries and they have home brew supplies and do Beer Education.

Dream Shop ... one day day.

So I purchased 4 beers to travel home with me and to sip away the summer nights remembering how great this trip was to us.

If you make it to Waterbury another honourable mention is The Blackback Pub also across the road. YOU MUST GO HERE as the staff was so cool & knowledgable, the food some of the best i've had (lamb ribs & nachos lol) and their beer selection is on point! (Including Heady Toppers & Sip of Sunshine when stocked!)

We spent a good few hours in there after Betty's Beerfest on Saturday. Sorry for the lack of pictures but some amazing places are left to memories & storytelling.

We fell in love with this place and would 100% be back. So I suggest a pre-beer at the Pro Pig Brewery, maybe a Crowler to take home, then some more beer and dinner at Blackback and hit up Craft Beer Cellar for some rare to find beers.

Boom... Mic Drop!

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