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Cap'n Crunch Beer?!!

I just brewed 1000L of Beer....

I was asked to brew a beer of my choice for an event highlighting Women in the Beer Industry at The Craft - Brasserie & Grille in Toronto.

Together with Bell City Brewing and their amazing Brew Masters Muthu & Ayden we created this recipe and I am stoked to see how it turns out!

I will update you when it is ready but approximately 2 weeks. You will be able to purchase 750ml bottles from Bell City Brewing Co. in Brantford as well as pints of it and other cool beer made by won=men from The Craft - Brasserie & Grille in Toronto.

Get some & bring back childhood memories of sitting in front of the TV watching Saturday Morning cartoons.

Breakfast with Tiffany

Cap'n Crunch Amber Oat Ale

The Cap'n Crunch is evident throughout this 3-malt, 3-hop Ale- mildly sweet & bready to taste, the creaminess won't cut the roof of your mouth and the smell will bring you back to eating cereal in front of Saturday Morning cartoons .... it's Beer-a-rific!!

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