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  • Tiffany

Perro Vida Brewery @ Rainmaker, Costa Rica

Another beauty day in paradise but this one I awoke with an extra bit of excitement similar to Christmas Morning... Yes time to visit a new brewery!

I was excited once we booked our last minute trip to Costa Rica to discover that Craft Beer, though fairly new here, was here! I did some beersearch and discovered that Perro Vida, which is located at Rainmaker Park, was only 20 min from where we were staying in Esterillos Oueste.

I love the name for so many reasons ...

1) We LOVE dogs and for those of you that don't know Perro = Dog.

2) Pure Vida is the saying in Costa Rica and translated it means Pure Life. Here in Costa Rica it is more than just a saying- it is a way of life.

3) Bonus points for a great play on words!

Since it is located in the same beautiful spot as Rainmaker we also got to have an awesome hike through the jungle, across suspension bridges & under waterfalls even a swim to cool off. At the start Gabriel met us and gave us some samples of what beer they had left on tap and a look into there brewery... oh and a viper :/

They had a delicious stout on tap made with cherry along with an IPA & a Ginger Honey wheat beer. They all tingled my taste buds and for the first time in my life I will say the stout was my fav!!

The labels are as colourful & creative as the jungle around it using different breeds of dogs to go with the names & style of beer.

As he took us about a hundred meters to where they brew he asked how I felt about snakes and so kindly showed us a viper they had there!!

I am not a fan of snakes at all but was really surprised to see how tiny this viper was ... i was fine with that and the fact it was behind glass haha

They use the water right from the spring there in the rainforest as it has a perfect ph and import same types of malt and hops as we do in Canada. We had a nice little chat and got to sip on a peach IPA that was in the cooler... this was so tasty too!

Well after a few samples of liquid courage it was time to hit the trails & suspension bridges of the Jungle / rainforest and face my small fear of heights...

3km hike was a success and by success I mean I saw no snakes haha though I was a little jumpy and screeched a few times. As we climbed, sweated, laughed, swung, swam in waterfall and took in the scenery my heart felt warm with excitement of scenery and new beer. I was finally in Costa Rica drinking a beer in the rainforest!

Perro Vida has been open for 2 years and as Craft Beer is a fairly new ting to Costa Rica I am excited for there future!

So yes it is worth the trip to Rainmaker & Perro Vida!

Video to follow.



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