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Oktoberfest Season is here!

With the changing of the seasons comes several things.... cooler weather, shorter days, new recipes and of course New Beers!!!

We were stoked to be invited up to the awesome Sawdust City Brewery in Gravenhurst, ON to be a part of their Oktoberfest this past weekend & had a blast!

New beers were being poured, bands played and people sang & danced the night away.

This was my first (way overdue) visit to Sawdust though I have drank many a Lone Pine IPA I was thrilled to finally pull up at stool in their brewery.

Released for the Oktoberfest event and now available in their retail shop & taproom was:

Sägemehl Stadt, award winners got festbier and official beer of Oktoberfest poured a beauty golden orange and with malt forward taste was a crowd pleaser.

Winding Road for 7km, also has a bready malt body to it with a nice aroma of spice.

Terroir Project Brews, these 2 brews filled up my wet hop desires as they are both the same beer recipe but brewed using 2 different Ontario hop farms. One from tillsonburg the other being in Nottawa.

Also being released October 6th in their retail store next to the above brews is a Barrel-aged Limberlost with Red Currants.