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Gruit? Not an auto correct for fruit...

Feb 1st is international Gruit day!!

Have you ever had Gruit? Do you like it? Don't know what Gruit is?

Well let's start with some education on Gruit, what it is and where it started. No I am not a huge fan of it but none the less have had one or two that intrigue me.

Gruit or Grut is German for herb, and a brewers’ spice blend was a proprietary and carefully guarded secret just like hops are to some currently.

Made with Herbs and spices Gruit is a beer style that pre-dates the use of hops so goes back in time even before the Reinheitsgebot (Bavarian Purity Act of 1516), which stated that hops would be the only acceptable ingredient along with water, barley and yeast in beer-making. As the Bavarian style of brewing took hold in most of Europe, the Gruit Ale gradually faded into obscurity.

In gruits, a variety of other botanicals are used in lieu of hops, creating beers that are herbal, spicy and quite unique. It actually seems weird now to only use one "herb" to flavour the beer when there are Dozens of plants out there .... well maybe not as hops in hands down my favorite and helps preserve the delicious beverage.

Beau’s All Natural Brewing along with other breweries participate in International Gruit Day annually. For a list of breweries that participate in International Gruit Day as well as a description of their gruit recipes and local events to mark the day, check out

Get out of your sandbox and try something new this Febrewary ... you may find a new fav!


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