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Winner Winner Hops for Dinner...

Niagara Falls was the host for the 5th annual Great Ontario Hopped Craft Beer Competition, which paired up 15 Ontario Breweries with local Hop Farmers to brew this years picked style- Belgian IPA. The winners were announced early yesterday evening at the Scotia Bank Convention Centre during the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Conference that it took place within.

Drumroll please...

1st: New Limburg Brewing Co + Hayhoe Hops + King Lake Farms

2nd: Walkerville Brewery + Hayhoe Hops + King Lake Farms + VQH Farms

3rd: Wellington Brewery + Hayhoe Hops

Honourable Mention: Muddy York Brewing Co. + VQH Farms

Well I certainly see a Hop Farm trend there and New Limburg being a fantastic Belgian Brewery came as little surprise as they continue to produce great beers.

I am proud to say, though a blind tasting / judging, I gave my top score to New Limburg known as #8 at the time.

Great comp, a lot of fun and I hope to be invited back to judge again next year!

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