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Day 1: Beer Goddess Ninkasi

It's Women's History Month .. maybe i'll make it #womensbeerhistorymonth !

On this first day let us raise a glass to Beer Goddess Ninkasi ... without her beer or the profession may not exist.

The following article was taken from ...

Beer Goddess

When you hear the name Ninkasi today, the brewery is likely to come to mind first and foremost. While the brewing has been in existence for roughly a decade, the origins of the name Ninkasi are much older.

Ninkasi is a goddess, an ancient beer goddess to be more specific. She was discovered via the Hymn to Ninkasi, a poem written on several clay tablets roughly around the year 1800 BC. The daughter of the King of Uruk and high priestess of the temple of Ishtar (who herself was the goddess of procreation), Ninkasi, the goddess of alcohol, was brought to earth to help heal wounds. This hymn was written via the Sumerian language, and is amongst the earliest human writings ever found.

Ninkasi makes for an excellent brewery name, not just for the fact that she was a beer goddess, but that.... read the rest of the article here

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