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  • Scribbled by... TIffany

Day 2: #WomenInBeerHistoryMonth

"The oldest known record of beer brewing comes from Ancient Egypt, where beer was made and sold almost entirely by women. After the colonization of America, women were the family brewers, crafting rich beers from corn, pumpkins, artichokes, oats, wheat, honey, and molasses. Settlers of the colonies drank large quantities of beer as a nutritional break from a diet based largely of salted, smoked and dried meats. Beer was such a staple that there was even something called “bride-ale,” a beer brewed and sold during weddings with all proceeds going to the bride, and “groaning” beer, which was consumed during and after labor by the midwives and mothers." Copied from "Women and Beer: A 4,500-Year History Is Coming Full Circle"

So even if us women have been out of practice for a few decades or even centuries at that haha we have the art of brewing beer running deep inside us. With this beautiful Craft Beer movement and the return to quality and small batch delicious brewing along with the community it creates women are finding more interest and this is leading to a slow but steady rise of our presence in the field.


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