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Day 4: The Love Of Beer!

On Day 4 of #womenInBeerHistoryMonth I want to share with you a video about women in beer that I love to watch as it brings much inspiration!

They're not doing it for feminism or equality- they're doing it for The Love of Beer <3

The Love of Beer follows around some rad ladies in the industry and has helped me discover what it is I want to do, so do yourself a favour and find it below as it is the best $7.99 you will spend... i promise! (You can rent it to but trust me you will want to watch it more than once so treat yourself!)

Sarah Pederson of Saraveza is my new hero, role model, inspiration etc.... when you watch it see if she reminds you of anyone ;)

"Did I ever think I wasn't going to make it? No. I never think that far ahead."

One of my favorite quotes by Sarah in the movie :)

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