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Worlds Collide at first Can-Am Beer Festival and it will be delicious!

I may be totally in the dark on this but I hope it's exciting news to you as well....

I was told yesterday that the first annual Can-Am Craft Beer Festival is under planning and the Canadian American Beer Festival (aka “CanAm”) will be conducted by Canadian and American craft breweries in Niagara Falls, NY at The Conference and Event Center April 2018.

There seems to be a lottery type scenario that will happen where brewery logos of the participating breweries will be drawn from oak barrels and the breweries will be matched up. The draw may have happened so please share in the comments below if you are a brewery and know who you are creating with!

The Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association and the Ontario Craft Brewers have owners and reps from 34 craft breweries (17 from each side) from across Southern Ontario and western New York will collaborate to create craft beers for the first annual Can-Am Festival and this beyond excites me!

If you have been following along with my journey you will know that not only did my Craft Beer journey start in the USA we still frequent there often on road trips ... for beer :) There is some thirst quenching talent in the USA as well so this will be fun!

These collabs will be unveiled for the first time at the 2018 festival.

Participating Breweries in un alphabetical order for fun are:


Beaus – All Natural Brewing

Flying Monkey



Niagara Oast

Grand River

Great Lakes Brewing

Railway City Brewing

Wellington Brewery

Lock Street Brewery

Niagara Brewing Company

Redline Brewhouse


Block Three

Royal City

Shawn & Ed Brewing Co

Niagara College


4 Mile Brewing

5 & 20 Brewing & Distilling

12 Gates Brewing

42 North Brewing

Big Ditch Brewing

Buffalo Brewing

Community Beer Works

Ellicottville Brewing

Flying Bison Brewing

Hamburg Brewing

New York Beer Project

Resurgence Brewing

Southern Tier Brewing

Thin Man Brewing

Westlake Brewing

Windy Brew

Woodcock Brothers Brewing

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