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Jewels for Beer Lovers!

Pretty Pennie Jewellery has entered my life way too late for my liking, But as they say better late than never…

Pretty Pennie Jewellery was homegrown in Canada as a Designer, Metalsmith and all around rad individual Hilary Pennie. Graduating from Vancouver Community College's Jewellery Art & Design program in 2004, Hilary uses old school techniques that represent the beauty of hand crafted pieces made to last a lifetime.

At this point you may wonder why I have such a fascination with her and her jewellery so if you love craft beer, which I do, and the great outdoors, yep, and spending time with family and friends, sure do, you have something in common with both me and this rad jeweller.

I now proudly wear my hop pendant 99% of the time knowing it came from such a wonderfully creative person who loves life and smiles as much as I do. Craft Beer and the people that surround this industry keep me enjoying what I do and this necklace is a reminder of that.

The "Pretty Hoppy" line encompasses delicately carved hops pendant and studs in brass, sterling silver, and rose gold plated to suit any style. Also has a ring in that line that compliments both the earrings and the pendant.

Hilary offers more than just craft beer related items such as her "Pretty Sharp" line which has the most awesome axes that suit both men and women and some beautiful antler necklaces as well.

You can find her throughout the year at various beer festivals, makers markets and of course full time on Etsy.

Thanks for all you do Hilary I am so "Hoppy" we have met ;)

For more info on this beautiful soul and to follow the latest place to find Pretty Pennie Jewellery follow her goings on below

Photo credit below: Pretty Pennie Jewellery

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