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Trio of Funklab beers by Nickel Brook Brewing

Who's got the funk? Nickel Brook Brewing certainly has a strong Funklab game and these three mentioned below are must try's.

The Funk Lab is said to be the largest brewery in Canada dedicated solely to sour and wild ales, one of the most growing styles of popularity in craft beer at the moment in Canada. Barrel and kettle sours, Brett-funked beers and brews spiked with fruit and spices continue to roll out the Drury Lane doors in Burlington, ON under the Funk Lab label. These 3 I tasted today are some of their most recent creations and man are they worth tasting.

With Glowing Hearts (June 23rd): A “Cherry Golden Sour” brewed for Canada’s 150th birthday, it’s described as “Nickel Brook’s house golden ale aged for two years in oak, before spending four months on Montmorency cherries, then bottle conditioned for an additional two months.” This beer was delicious the cherry was both on the nose and grew on the taste sip by sip. The tartness was perfect and I could drink a few of these beers while raising a glass to Canada. This was my favourite out of the three.

Proud As Funk (June 17th): Named in honour of the the LGBTQ community celebrating Pride this month, this beer is “a Flanders Blend of red and brown sour ales, aged for two years in oak barrels, blended, and then matured for an additional three months in the fermentor.”

I also enjoyed all this beer had to offer. The beautiful dark red in colour always compliments the flavour that a flanders style beer brings. Sour notes and the time put in to aging it brings out more flavours as you sip away.

Bastardized: Apricots (July 7th): An “Apricot Summer Stout” that is “light and fruit-forward at only 24IBU, this stout spent thee weeks on Apricot puree from Oregon, lending a distinct summer vibe.” Such an interesting beer to taste. Apricot and fruit came out bold through the stout and with light feeling to the sip I was so intrigued I couldn't stop sipping away. Truly summer colliding with a stout in a glass.



*Bottles of these beers were released at the dates mentioned above at the brewery.

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