• Tiffany M

"5 things" to do in Milwaukee- A Beer Lovers Destination

Milwaukee seemed like the perfect destination for my first Beer Blogger & Writing Conference experience, after all it is nicknamed The Brew City. With a slight concern there would be an abundance of PBR & Miller Lite I was happy to set off on the adventure and discover all that Milwaukee had to offer including great craft beer.

Here are 5 must do's while visiting this cool city.

Take in the History- Milwaukee is filled with a lot of historic buildings that pour both stories and history into the streets. Along with all the historical buildings beer has a rich history in this town too with Pabst & Miller.

The conference I attended was held at Best Place, one of the buildings in the Historic Pabst Brewery, which closed back in December 1996. The brewery remained empty until purchased by Jim Haertel in 2001 and he restored that building to its original beauty. There are many rooms and hallways that make up this unique venue and of course several bars sprawled throughout each room it is the perfect location for an event and worth taking a tour. You can even sit at Captain Frederick Pabst’s roll top desk and look out onto Milwaukee as he used to do. The gift shop is not to be missed as it has everything beer and non beer related you could imagine and a nice touch of some breweriana for purchase too.

Sticking to the history of beer be sure to take a trip over to the Miller Caves were where Frederick Miller originally stored his brews before refrigeration. Walking into this cave was one of the most stunning sites I have seen and it took a page right out of the history book. As we sat in the beautifully lit cave we sipped away on a variety of beer served by MillerCoors such as Peroni and draft pours of Leinenkugel and Hofbräu München Anniversary Lager. Again I was impressed they had a selection outside of Miller High Life & Hamm's to choose from.

As we move through history to the present you can also visit the current Pabst Milwaukee Brewery which is now housed in a renovated church (down the road from Best Place) and is a bright welcoming space with exposed copper kettles and a variety of beer to taste instead of PBR. I was impressed they had nearly every style in the Pabst family of brewers. From Summer Solstice Wit and Flanders Red to Midnight Sun Doppel Bock and Von Damme Good Tripel.

Beer Gardens- This is one thing i'd love to see around here for the community as it seems to be doing great things for this city. Milwaukee embraces German beer culture by having Beer Gardens set up by their parks department. Sprecher Brewing has retrofitted old firetrucks and ambulances into mobile bars with draft taps for the beer garden. You can grab a pint while enjoying the park setting or watching your kids play at the playground. MKE tourism also mentioned that the crime rate has gone down in all parks where there is a Beer Garden present as there are more people frequenting the parks and all revenue collected goes back into improving the parks across Milwaukee County. Brilliant! There are five permanent Beer Garden locations and one travelling beer garden.

Craft Breweries- Though Milwaukee may seem like latecomers to the craft beer boom it’s easy to walk anywhere in downtown Milwaukee and find yourself at a craft brewery. With over 40 to choose from, some with over 30 years of experience like Lakefront Brewing, it’s easy to find a beer that suits you.

Lakefront Brewing is a must for their awesome tour, delicious fried cheese curds and of course variety of tasty beer. Their locatio