• ..Tiffany

5 must drink beers before the summers over....

We may be getting a final taste of summer in Ontario right now, but leaves are beginning to turn, the apples are ready to pick and some summer beers are still rockin' and ready to be discovered!

Need ideas for 5 more beers to seek out, taste and enjoy before summer is officially over? Here you go in complete random order....

1. Madrugador by Fairweather Brewing- I was an instant fan of this Hamilton brewery the minute they opened their doors. You can’t go wrong with any of their beers so far in my opinion but let’s chat about why you should get there sooner than later. Their Madrugador is a session stout with coffee from the local coffee roasters, Detour. With mainly Coffee on the nose this beautiful beer lures you into thinking it's a breakfast beer that goes well with lunch and after dinner too. More cold brew coffee on the sip with hints of chocolate it's roastiness keeps you going back for more. It may sound a little one dimensional but it is magnificent and very well done. There is still some left at the brewery so hurry to them and honestly grab whatever else they have in the fridge, you won't regret it!

2.. Nickel Brook Ubers- Uber was the original, the base model if you will, but I am talking about the series of beers Nickel Brook has been crushing since by aging Uber on different varieties of fresh fruit! They have added some new varieties to the line up so I am lumping them all together as one as you need to get your hands on this series before its gone! They are bright and colourful to look at with lots of carbonation and the tartness of these compliment the start to fall beautifully and can be purchased fresh from their brewery in Burlington. They have indeed grown on my and Cherry, Yellow Plum and Apricot are the latest additions.

3. Tom Green Summer Stout by Beau’s- I love the mind games that come with drinking a blonde coloured beer that tastes like roasted coffee. This blonde milk stout is a great example and have enjoyed several warm nights on the deck sharing a bottle with a friend. You can seek this out at the LCBO if you live away from Beau’s in Vanleek Hill or perhaps you are joining in Beau's Oktoberfest this weekend and can get your hands on some there. As the season changes keep your eyes out for other additions of the Tom Green Stout.