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Napier Outdoors SUV Tent Review!

Camping just got better thanks to Napier Outdoors!

The glow of the campfire, cool fall nights, smell of s'mores roasting and friends... sounds perfect doesn’t it? Add an over cramped tent with 2 people, 2 dogs, your belongings and the car 50 ft away and it can turn your fun camping trip upside down. Well not anymore thanks to Napier Outdoors for their SUV compatible tent!

I have always had a tent when camping but with two humans and two dogs and a lot of gear it was time for more space in our tent so I was excited to try out a whole new type of tent. The Napier Sportz SUV Tent came along for the ride this time as we journeyed to the Finger Lakes area of NY state to explore the breweries, trails and state parks.

Do you like more space in your tent when you camp? Room to stand up? How about the benefit of attaching it to the back of your SUV for easy access to gear and even more space? Along with the ability to detach it and drive away on an adventure in seconds? The line of tents being created by Napier will simplify your camping and improve your overall experience on your next adventure.

Check out my video review and photos below to get a better visual on what to expect and how this tent truly converted our vehicle into a home away from home. It is perfect for adventures, dog owners & beer lovers who like to hit the trails.

The biggest benefit we were looking for was the space and attaching to the vehicle. Well we got that and way more with the Sportz SUV Tent Model 84000!

In addition to the space I love the fact you can zip up and drive away so easily within seconds and leave the tent behind while you go explore. If you travel in numbers, with gear and especially if you have dogs you will benefit from this specific tent. Even if you like sleeping in the car this is great as you have two additional rooms!

As for you beer lovers out there here's what will benefit you; The added space for coolers both in the screen room and vehicle with easy access to your beer. The awning provides shade to enjoy your beer under in the midday sun, the fact that you can so easily disconnect your vehicle from the tent to go responsible explore breweries in the area.

Below are the features listed on website by Napier and my notes next to them on if they ring true;

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